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Born in 1344 AD. In the city of Ahar, I live in Tabriz, but I have never lived and loved my journey. I graduated from the primary school in Tehran, and trained in Tehran. I was a high school student in Tabriz and I graduated from the University of Tabriz (1362) in the field of medicine and graduated in 1369, and during the years (1369-1373) I specialize in orthopedics, and, The service and the coefficient of exclusion from the center and … For a short time in each of the cities of Ahar, Azarshahr, Marand, Miandoab, Mahabad, Shabestar, and then in a large number of academic, governmental, charitable and private hospitals in Tabriz, Occupation of orthopedics.
Among the professors who have been honored to be proud of them in Tabriz, I can name Dr. Shiribanlou, Dr. Mesbah, Dr. Dilmaghani, Dr. Baitullah, Dr. Tafiqi, Dr. Mohseni, Dr. Barzegar and Dr. Baybourdi.
Also, short periods in Tehran have been enjoyed by Dr. Razi and Dr. Feyazipour (knee high surgeons), and in the city of Munich from Professor Kröger Franck, many knee arthroscopic surgeries and Professor Leffler have identified a number of shoulder surgeries. And in the city of Basel, Switzerland, thanks to Professor Dick and Professor Jacop (hip and knee surgeons) and Professor Hintr (the foot surgeon and ankle joint replacement) and in Austria, Professor Hoffman (the world-renowned knee replacement surgeon) ) And I have learned some valuable points from which my professional experience and experience have come to me in recent years. .
During these years, after years of post-graduate professional training, Germany was founded in 1994. Waswis 1996 m. (In the field of joint surgery and joint replacement – focusing on knee joint surgery), and in 2012, I have participated in the Austrian reengineering (knee joint replacement) and has participated in numerous domestic and international congresses in Iran, as well as in China and Europe, and now in Tabriz and mainly in the healing and international hospitals of Vali Asr Tabriz and the office I’m going to treat my patients.
In spite of my many professional occupations and my intense interest in my occupation (especially arthroscopic surgery and joint replacement), I can not provide all my spiritual and emotional needs in my careers, and I am well versed in the care of my patients. An orthopedic, which in addition to using it in the treatment of my patients, has led to dozens of articles and lectures on specialization (and has provided several books and translations of English to my dear colleagues and fellow citizens); leisure and part time From time I devote my sleep to studies of my emotions and my spirituality, and notes and poems. My writings on poetry and on my dedicated and virtual pages to write.
My interest in literature and living in a cultural environment is owed to my dear and adept father, who, although he was very busy in his life (and less in the material and welfare life), but the teacher was the love of humanity for his disciples and students. And this was the forgiveness of his impeccable and timeless man who loved him and his work and personality.
Among my writings, I am more than interested in the book “Someone in the Midsummer” (Hajj’s Travelogue), in which all the diluted feelings of that spiritual journey, and my interpretations and interpretations, are written in writing, accompanied by I have written a research paper (due to previous studies and during my travels) and …