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Joint knee replacement surgery

Joint knee replacement surgery
The knee replacement surgery method refers to the reconstruction of the joint surface of the damaged bones. Depending on the patient’s needs, the surgeon can repair all or part of the affected surfaces. In complete joint replacement, all contact surfaces in the knee joint are rebuilt. Both the bulging ridges of the femur and the entire upper surface of the tibia, and in some cases, the articular surface of the kneecap (knee) bone are replaced.
In this method, an orthopedic surgeon first uses precision tools to remove the levels of damaged bones and then forms the ends of the bones for the admission and placement of the prosthesis, and then the zanoora prosthesis – which combines several types of alloys and a dense polyethylene plastic And resistant to impact – is embedded.
The artificial knee is similar to the natural knee to allow for normal movement.
The upper metal part of the prosthesis is rounded up for exact coordination with natural curvature in the thigh bone. The upper part of the tibia is replaced by a flat plate made of metal and then covered with a flat polyethylene surface to simulate the cartilage and provide a mental movement. If necessary, back kneecap may also be provided with a coating Round polyethylene is replaced.
Joint knee replacement surgery starts with a cut to open the joint. The length and exact location of the cut will vary depending on the need of the surgeon and usually a cut of 20 to 30 centimeters.
Knee prosthesis often bind to a bone with a substance called bone cement, and in some forms it does not need cement and is shaped to gradually grow in the pores of the bone and cover the prosthesis.
The physician will recognize the type and type of prosthesis based on various factors including the nature, knee shape, age, and physical condition and conditions that will be encountered during the operation.
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